Freeling 1 2020

The arts have been developed as a purpose motivated for life, reality and humans. Every artistic creation is created in form and continent from the artist’s reality and creative process. Each piece of art gives us a different emotion, touches our soul in its own way, the only and unique of its kind. The structure of the artwork is the way the artist tell us her idea, expressed in a different way.

Freeling 2 2019

In all paintings, the figure of the woman has been presented in motion during dancing, sometimes calmer and sometimes as very vulgar and aggressive, in search for the space needed by her to perform the game she has started, that is, the dance. It is precisely through this figure how the author portrays the woman’s role in society. The idea is that art would serve as an instrument to promote our success as woman, our strength and courage to prove that the woman is equal, and she can perform large and risky artworks which require responsibility.

Freeling 3 2020

Almost all works are presented in a very expressive way illustrating a strong dynamism but also illustrating the authors real-life personality as dynamic and very expressive.

The Time

The artist, Lebibe Topalli, in her paintings treats time and human existence over times. She throughout her art has a very original approach for time, this “substance of life,” as J.L. Borges says, about time.

Lebibe Topalli in her paintings, summarized under the title: “Through The Time”, presents us with the endless time and the time that hasn’t start. The time that is and will be until the end of time. With her works, she tells us that time is constant and we, humans, change and we are and remain in time, in its eternity, only through what we create. For Lebibe Topalli it’s not enough just to think, so to exist. She believes we need to create so to exist.

Therefore, in her works we see figures, details taken from the ancient time, but also elements of her national origin, these combinatorial postmodernist techniques tell us how we were, are and how we will be, only if we will continue to create. So, time is, and if humans want to continue to exist in time, they must create.

On the canvas of this young, but very precious artist, at first glance you seem to be looking at a chaos, but that chaos catches your attention keeps you engaged, and as you look at it, and it begins to find out the harmony that the artist creates through the colors, lines and figures, is extravagantly beautiful. What initially is very dramatic turns into lyrical. If we would translate her paintings into musical sounds, they would be like Beethoven’s dramatic melodies, perhaps as “Ninth Symphony.”

Lebibe as a human, but also as an artist, is constantly in motion. Therefore, it is not inconceivable that in her work a unique place it is given to: wheels, clocks, numbers … the figures that the artist uses to create the sense of movement, because movement is the process of creation and creation is our existence.

For the time it is said to be the enemy of man and the only people who can withstand this “enemy” are the artists, that merge themselves into the works they create and thereby gain eternity, transforming, but surviving the Time. Because, only time is constant, everything else has to move, change, or otherwise die.


Abstract Art